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How To Ensure Workplace Safety

Employers are responsible to ensure workers’ rights and to provide a safe working environment for its employees, free of any danger and comply with all current regulations on occupational health to ensure safety and health at work.

Apart from providing personal protective equipment, the first thing to do is to have workplace safety and to create a security policy and health at work according to the guidelines legally established and socialize with everyone in the company to engage and motivate them to participate actively in all system.

Through the areas of occupational health, the employer must identify all risks to which workers are exposed and take necessary measures so that they do not cause any accidents or occupational diseases.

Before starting with the detection of risks, you ensure at least the following guarantees:

•    Workers can enter and leave your workstation safely. If you have hired people with disabilities, verify that they have the necessary support to enable it to move without any inconvenience.

•    The workplace should be cleaned and organized, this can minimize injuries from falls.

•    Office or work area must have enough space where they can install furniture and tools, allowing the worker to move freely and easily evacuate in an emergency.

•    The floors of the work area must be adequate, adjusted to the type of functions performed and the materials used.

•    Cables and electrical installations must be working in the right place and with the necessary protection.

•    The desks and chairs supplied to workers must meet the minimum requirements of ergonomic quality, thus discomfort of postural type will be avoided in workers.

•    Select the appropriate computer in order to prevent visual disturbances or discomfort.

•    Provide sufficient lighting in the workplace.

•    The work areas should have sufficient ventilation is natural or artificial, that if according to the need.

•    Maintain a comfortable temperature in the workplace, if extreme cold have heating or if it is cold have air conditioning.

•    Workers must have access to potable water, toilets and sinks.

•    A correct organization of work, avoiding work systems that lead to stressful situations that lead to demotivation of work and possible psychosocial problems.

•    Having signaling and emergency plan.

To generate self-care culture that encourages safe and healthy environments work, must constantly train workers not only in the procedures of the area but in the proper use of machinery and equipment used for the development of their tasks. Also make good induction and re-induction processes and schedule campaigns to raise the awareness of the whole organization on the importance of health care.